Risk is inherent in almost every activity. It surrounds us in our business, and personal lives. Learning how to identify, analyze, assess, control, avoid, minimize or eliminate unacceptable risks is a life skill needed by all.

Activities involving or sponsored by Aalfa Tango Security members generally have risks associated with them; to best ensure appropriate management of those risks, all event manager/organization leaders, club advisors and residential life staff are expected to know about the risks.

The knowledge provides us an overview of risks, the importance of ensuring an event or activity in support of the event managers goals and end objective; and provides a step-by-step overview of how to use the Event Risk Management Planning Guidelines which includes the Risk Factor Analysis Tool and complete the Risk Factor Analysis Worksheet. Events potentially involving any of the following risk factors (regardless of whether the event is occurring on or off event site) require the completion for the Risk Factor Analysis Worksheet prior to an event being approved by the Event Security coordinator.

a.   Alcohol (served or is there a possibility of participants being under the influence)

b.   Minors (participants under 18) or VIPs

c.    Transportation off campus

d.   A contract/signed agreement

e.   Physical activity by any participants

f.     Size of the event greater than 50 people

g.   Rides/Inflatables/Mechanical Devices

h.   Event occurring outdoors

i.     Sale of any items (food, t-shirts, etc.)

j.     Event is advertised/open to the public

k.   Potential of outside media attention

l.     Any type of political activity

m.  Amplified Sound

n.   Animals

o.  Fire/explosives/combustibles If you have any questions about an event you are considering, you are always encouraged to contact any of the